​Smaller group size per classroom

CLASSROOM                 GROUP SIZE

INFANTS                                4
​PRE-TODLERS                      5
​TODDLERS                            7
TWO'S                                    8
PRESCHOOL                        10
​PRE-K                                   12

In our S.L.A.M.M. Development Program, we focus on Science/Technology, Language, Art, Math, and Music/Movement. We recognize that the process rather than the product fosters a sense of accomplishment and pride. Based on the theory that children learn best through activity and application, classroom routines encourage active involvement, meaningful experimentation, and reinforcement through repetition. We have designed schedules that balance structure and free choice with active and quiet times! Using the S.L.A.M.M. curriculum program our Top of the World Preschool teachers help your child build confidence, curiosity and develop the skills needed for a happy and rewarding future where they can choose what passion they want to pursue, rather than educational shortcomings limiting what they can become.

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