When you enroll your child in Top of the World Private School’s Kindergarten Program, our children gain exceptional skills for academic fulfillment and a love of learning.

Among the many necessary skills needed to succeed in school, Children learn to recognize complex concepts of left to right and top to bottom patterns and the association between spoken and written words in composing stories.

Each classroom has a balance of quiet reading time with social and imaginary play. Top of the World organizes our highly acclaimed curriculum with learning while engaging in fun activities guided by highly trained teachers. Our teachers go above and beyond to nurture and foster the cognitive and social development of every child. Unlike other schools, we offer further educational diversity with foreign language, world cultures, manners and computer skills in order to expand their learning opportunities. For example, children as young as infants begin learning sign language to communicate with their teachers and families. They are taught to convey needs and wants to ensure their social and emotional needs are met on a higher level. Even toddlers begin learning Spanish as young as 2 years old.     

Since Top of the World opened its doors here 11 years ago, we have worked hand in hand with local districts to ensure every child's smooth transition between Kindergarten and First Grade. The feedback we receive from MISD is rewarding enough.

“Children that attend TOP OF THE WORLD PRIVATE
 SCHOOL are over %80 more prepared than their fellow classmates. The rate at which they learn is much higher, they are well rounded and just do better overall”           

  -former MISD teacher

All programs are customized to your child’s progress, needs and age. Schedule a tour today to experience a day in the life of your kindergartner.