In our private pre-kindergarten classrooms, Top of the World teachers help your child build confidence, curiosity and develop the skills needed for a happy and rewarding future. They use multiple forms of ongoing assessment to evaluate students' performance and development in different learning domains and share their progress with you throughout the year.


Active Minds:

  •  Small Group Academic Instruction is part of the daily Pre-K schedule and gives teachers an opportunity to conduct math and reading lessons in small groups while other children rotate independently through other learning centers. 
  •  Our reading program includes sequenced literacy building activities, high-quality literature, and child-centered themes. Teachers conduct lessons that develop your child’s listening, speaking, reading, and writing competencies.
  •  Top of the World teachers support math development using a system of number sequences to build up your child’s logistic memory, making their ability to remember and store information easier. This, in turn, builds upon what young children already know and are capable of doing mathematically. It is extensively research based and field tested. 
  •   Educational software in our Computer Learning Center helps children build a strong foundation for meaningful, real world technology use later on. By integrating technology into the curriculum, teachers have a powerful tool with which to introduce, practice, and extend your child’s learning.


Healthy Bodies

 Our Physical Development and Health Program for Pre-K includes indoor and outdoor activities and play experiences that enable your child to practice and increase physical skills and coordination. Your child can swing, slide, roll, climb, jump, run, and experience the joy of physical activity on our developmentally appropriate playgrounds. We also offer sports and other extra-curricular activities that are taught in-house! No need to shuttle kids around on the weekends, or miss any late night after school practices! Your child can play soccer, football, gymnastics right here on campus through our many privately offered programs.