Small Group Academic Instruction is part of the daily Preschool schedule and gives teachers an opportunity implement our S.L.A.M.M. curriculum in small groups while other children rotate independently through other learning centers.

cience and Technology: Educational software in our Computer Learning Center helps children build a strong foundation for meaningful, real world technology use later on. By integrating technology into our school’s curriculum, teachers have a powerful tool with which to introduce, practice, and extend your child’s learning.

anguage Arts: Our reading program includes sequenced literacy building activities, high-quality literature, and child-centered themes. Teachers conduct lessons that develop your child’s listening, speaking, reading, and writing competencies.

Art Appreciation: Freedom of expression is encouraged at Top of the World Preschool and our qualified teachers assist your child in discovering these natural abilities in a nurturing and stimulating environment. Each week your child has the opportunity to explore different forms of art including:  drawing, painting, sculpting, and collages.

Music: Children learn best through repetition and our teachers use music as a fun and interesting way for our students to retain information. Through Music and Movement your child will not only exercises mental stimulation but improve gross motor development and encourages a healthy physical fitness routine! Our teachers play classical music throughout the day to keep your child’s mind focused and sharp while they move about their daily routine.

Mathematics:  Top of the World Preschool teachers support math development using a system of number sequences to build up your child’s logistic memory, making their ability to remember and store information easier. This, in turn, builds upon what young children already know and are capable of doing mathematically.  Our Preschool program is focused primarily on preparing for Pre-Kindergarten. Once they complete our preschool program your child will be more than prepared to enter Pre-Kindergarten and will have a life-long love for learning.